Canada 150 Project

In late 2016, with Canada’s sesquicentennial looming on the horizon, Andrea knew that she wanted to do some sort of project for Canada’s 150th trip around the sun. She meditated on what makes us Canadian. While our neighbours to the south are known as the super patriots, in Canada, we seem to be known as being super proud of our status as a melting pot. We know and embrace our background as a collective melting pot, celebrating the differences between us and the circumstances that bring us together. Some for a day, some for a season, some for a lifetime.

Finding herself in philosophical mood, Andrea was also becoming very aware of how many circles of friends she has, many of whom have never met and might never get the chance. University friends, high school and elementary school friends, club friends, chapters friends, business and networking friends, and long time family friends, the variety of people and the times they have touched Andrea’s life have helped her to grow into the person she is today, making these portrait subjects part of Andrea’s little corner of Canada. When completed (date TBD) Andrea hopes to create a book of anecdotes to go along with the portraits and to someday host a gallery show with prints of the images.

Heather Murphy