Europe Trip - Day 6 Part 1 - Mont-Saint-Michel

Woo… it’s been awhile! I was hoping to get these blog posts all done in one sorta fell swoop, but life happened and I got super busy with other things! The best laid plans… But here I am - back!

So, on Day 6, we were up at the usual time and piled on the bus to travel from Bayeux, SouthWest to Mont-Saint-Michel, which is an island at the mouth of the Couesnon river near Avranches. It is a mere 7 Hectares in area and in 2015, it had a population of 50!

When you’re used to seeing mountains that start gradually with foothills, it’s very much a surprise to see Mont-Saint-Michel just appearing out of nowhere as we approached in the coach. Course, one must also remind oneself, it’s not so much a mountain as it’s an island. After a quick stop to drop off our luggage at the hotel, we walked across the street to a small market where we would meet the shuttle to carry us over the bridge to the island itself. It seems that the market had been besieged by hoofed animals. At least they seemed friendly…

We entered by what is allegedly the “easier” route. It is a pretty steep incline on cobblestones. If nothing else, and maybe I’ve mentioned this before, but as a 37 year old, I am woefully out of shape. The tour sites were right. Good shoes. Very important. If you ever go, make sure you also bring water, for it’s very humid and can get very hot too. If you are physically able to do it though, I do recommend checking the place out though, it’s well worth the effort (especially if you can take your time to do it!).