Furry Fundraising!

If you read my last blog post, I recently did a fundraiser for the Animal Clinic of Regina - every year Dr. Lesley Sawa and a team of volunteers travel up to La Loche, Saskatchewan (here's a map to show you where it is, relative to Regina) to spay and neuter the stray dogs in the community. Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love dogs, and when I started learning more about the efforts of Dr. Sawa and her team, I decided that I wanted to help. So last month I did a series of pooch portraits - at only $25 for a mini session, we booked 31 dogs and one cat! 

Just some of our pooch clients - Snoop, Ruby, Daisy and Stella (with Mom Michelle and Dad John)

Most people just elected to have photos of their dogs, but I did manage to convince a few people that they should have a family photo taken. 

For their $25 donation, each client will receive one digital file. 15% of any additional sales are also going toward the cause. To date we have raised over $800 for the trip, which will be presented to the Animal Clinic before May 29th when the team leaves for the trip. 

Although it was exhausting, I had a ton of fun meeting all of these dogs (and their owners). I just wish I'd had a bit more time to spend with each dog cause a 20 minute shoot is NOT a lot of time, especially as some dogs are not fans of studio lights or slippery paper to stand on. But if nothing else, it made me wish I could spend more time with each group that came in. And regardless, we still got some great images of each dog that came in!

Enzo and Miller

Viewings are still happening and I'm hoping to have them all done by the end of the month when the team leaves - especially as I'm going to be with them! Obviously, I am not going to be doing any of the surgeries what with my apparent lack of any medical degrees! But I will travel with the team to act as support staff, helping with registering the animals, working with the dog owners, organizing/portering (sort of) the dogs, helping to clean the tools before they go in the autoclave and just generally helping out where needed. 

And if you were wondering, I will also be bringing a camera along to help document the efforts as they happen to help bring more awareness to the team and this amazing journey they will take! 

Stay tuned this summer for more details as I'll be sure to share more of the adventure!