All About Eevee

As frequent visitors to this website or my Facebook Page already know, I love dogs. Dogs are the best. I recently got a chance to spend some quality time with Eevee, my favourite Frenchie. On a day that was almost unbearably hot, I hung out in the shade of the patio while Eevee ran around, chasing her toys (bought and found), sipping from her play pool and rolling around in the grass when she found it too warm to run. 

Eevee Patio 1

A spunky little Frenchie, she's all muscle and a whole lot of attitude. But she can't help it. I think Sassiness is in the breed.

Eevee 2

She only paused periodically to cool off, though we made sure she had plenty of opportunities to hydrate and also to escape inside to the nice, cool, air conditioned environment. But in spite of her fur coat, she didn't seem bothered by the +30 temperatures.

Eevee 3


You can't help but fall in love with the Frenchie smile, and you know the attitude is just part of the charisma. 

Eevee 4

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