Twist and Charm

I got a call recently from someone who had seen samples of my images from my Pics for Pooches event and was very interested in having photos of her dogs Twist and Charm. Having somewhat limited ability, and having two dogs, we decided it might be easier for me to go to the client's home rather than have her come to the studio, which was fine by me. I love doing location shoots!

Twist and Charm are Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers. Described as affectionate, energetic and spirited, as well as playful, intelligent and faithful, I saw all of these traits displayed in the relationship with their owner, how they keep an eye on her and are constantly alert to any potential threat to the yard, while simultaneously were super glad to have a guest paying attention to them. Not that it was better than the attention they're used to, just different. They were complete sweethearts.