The Work Family needs a portrait too...

RBC Dominion Securities

In larger corporate environments, it's all about the hustle and bustle. And it's not uncommon for corporate families, like blood families, to take images for granted - when you need a team photo it's easy to just grab a cell phone and ask someone to grab a quick photo of the team. Sometimes the results are mixed - grainy images, weird highlights or shadows and colouring from the available lights that make you look like you have a fever or have one foot in the grave. 

When Mark contacted me about doing some group and individual portraits for his team, I was happy to help out. I wanted to create for his team a great group portrait that shows everyone part of a warm and inviting group of professionals, and all equally important to the team. I also wanted to provide them with professional headshots that can be used in their advertising to show off each member and their focus in a website or brochure that they can use to show potential clients in the future.