Not, in fact, K Callan.

When one of my most recent client's contacted me through my website she said that was in need of headshots for an Author Portrait which will be appearing in a book she's written. We booked the appointment and when I met her I was pleased to find that Patricia seems like a lovely person. Soft spoken and polite, I also found that she reminded me of Clark's mother from Lois And Clark. It warmed my heart since Lois and Clark was my favourite show back when I was just an awkward 7th grader. We had a lovely time chatting about her book which is a children's book about the D-Day landings and she seemed quite interested in the fact that I will, in fact, be going to both Juno and Omaha beaches in just under a month! 

Patricia S

I also love how the images from her session turned out!

Patricia S 2