Concert Posters

Long time readers of this blog (they might exist??) may be aware that on of my other passions in life is music, and that I’m involved in Halcyon Chamber Choir (and, historically, the Regina Philharmonic Chorus, with whom Halcyon often teams up). Every once in awhile we put on a concert and need a poster or two designed. As it happens, we had a themed concert a couple of weeks ago (see if you can figure out what it was…) and we have another concert coming up in another two weeks. I’ve done up two similar and yet also very different posters here.

Fun Fact: The swords for each poster were provided by one of our choir members. Also, our artistic director is a big fan of when we have choir members appear in the poster. So for the Carmina Burana poster, when no one else was available, guess who had to step in? (hint: she’s usually the one behind the camera!)