Pup Sneak Peeks

So recently I’ve been super lucky to get a chance to work with a couple of different pups!

Raven (Ray-ray to her friends)

Firstly, here’s little miss Raven - my friend Lisa recently was excited to add this little rescue pup (lab cross type, but thinking there’s some border collie in there) into her home. Raven was all full of beans, tearing around the yard, tripping and rolling around with those long gangly legs, so she quickly gained a bunch of dirt all over her little face!


Second here’s Lil’ Trixie, the Westie. Trixie was less excited to have her portrait taken. As you can tell this image isn’t done as I intend to remove her leash from in there. Trixie was very excited to see so many people crossing the bridge to get home or just out enjoying the warm weather.