New Website yo!

So some stuff has changed...

Back in November of last year, I had scheduled a coffee date with Heather Pinay - a fellow business owner, I knew her a little bit from the Regina Women's Network and Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan, but we'd never had much time to chat and had decided to rectify that. We met at Drip Cafe in Regina's Warehouse District with no real plan other than to get to know each other and our businesses. 

Chatting with her I realized 3 things; We're both huge nerds. We both love to business. And we're both passionately trying to drive our companies forward in Regina and beyond. I hadn't set out get a new website that day, but before we headed back into the cold, I decided that fate favours the bold and I was bound and determined that Heather would be doing me up a new website!

When I saw that even my "under construction" page was better than my old website, I knew I'd made the right choice. 

I'm super excited that we're live now! Check it out! We've got your business, we've got your family, we've got your pet photography!

Are we excited yet?

Andrea Norberg Pet Photographer
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