Europe Trip - Day 4 Part 1 - Rouen

So our first “real” day of the tour. We were to leave the hotel at 8am and, as such, we needed to have our bags ready by 7. One of the nice things about Trafalgar, if you happen to ever be considering a trip with them, is that they provide portering services throughout the trip. We travelled everywhere by coach, so it was nice to be able to just get your stuff together and let someone else worry about the packing (especially if you like to shop!). We had breakfast in the hotel and then took off on the first leg of the trip from Paris to Rouen.

About an hour north west of Paris, on the river Seine, Rouen is the capital of the Normandy region. We parked off the city center in an area that seemed a bit more modern, but within a few minutes walk we found ourselves surrounded by cobblestones and timbered houses. The skyline features Notre Dame of Rouen and Monet captured the area in his works.

Walking into the square, my breath was taken away. The half timbered buildings evoked some extremely strong feelings and I (along with at least one other member of our tour) had to work hard to suppress the urge to burst into song between Nicolas’ descriptions of the area.

“Little towwwwwn, it’s a quiiiet viillllaaaaaage…”

“This is the spot where Joan of Arc was burned at the stake.”

“Ev’ry dayyyyy, like the onnneeeeee beeefoooooooooorrrrre…”

“They say that they actually burned her three times.”