Europe Trip - Day 3 - Tour Start, Paris

I slept in a little bit then putzed around the apartment a bit before I headed to find breakfast. There was a restaurant called Le Comptoir des Archives a couple blocks over and down that was very cute and had a little patio where I decided to sit and have my breakfast in the traditional fashion, at a table outside, observing all the people as they went by, and writing in my journal. Course it turns out, wasps in Paris in August are a little crazy and super curious when given an entire pot of marmalade with your baguette and croissants. At least the waiter didn’t seem put out when I asked if I could move inside.

Afterward, I went back and essentially got myself cleaned up and left the apartment so that I could head up north west to the Evergreen Laurel Hotel, a very nice, modern hotel in an area that seemed quite alien compared to Le Marais. We were to start arriving at the hotel around 3 or so in order to meet with our tour guide, Nicolas, get settled into our rooms and then meet up to go for a short bus and walking tour and our welcome dinner at Cafe du Theatre.