Europe Trip - Day 2 - Andrea Solo

So one of my favourite Disney movies of all time is The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I knew based on Google Maps when I booked my AirBnB that I was within a couple of kilometres of Paris’ most famous cathedral and was even more pleased when I was at the end of my block and realized that I could see the spire.

I was also very pleased to see that, unlike when I visited in 1999, the front was not all covered with scaffolding! (Seriously, 18 year old me almost cried when I saw that. Not that it isn’t a necessary evil!). The building is immense. Not the biggest cathedral in France, but the building is 35 Metres high.

Wandering around to try to get the entire 35 Metres into the shot, I discovered that across the square lies the Archeological Crypt. It was on my list of things to do and I was still trying to adjust to the heat and humidity I decided to hit that first.

Described as an atmospheric time capsule, the crypt carries many artefacts which have been dug up/discovered over centuries. Ramparts, statues, roman baths, coins, vessels, combs… it’s worth a look. But of course, it was more what was located top-side that I was interested in.

Course, pigeons are not what I was looking for either, but I was shocked to see just how relatively tame they are. But they must be used to getting fed by tourists. You can literally walk within a foot of them and they won’t freak out and fly away.